Suomi Uganda

Background of Caring Hands

Living in slumsThere was no intention of starting Caring Hands. It began “by accident.” There was no funding to start the organization. It was set in motion to meet an acute need that we were confronted with. It all began when we reached out to our community at Christmas 2005 with the “You give them something to eat” campaign. We ended up reaching 120 families (600 people) living in poverty. The original purpose of providing a nice Christmas meal ended up feeding these families for one month. The question soon arose: “What happens when the food runs out?” Caring Hands was created as a result, to address this challenge and the causes leading to it.

Ugandan family living in povertyCaring Hands is a registered non–governmental charitable organization that operates from its coordinating office on Serunkuma road plot 19–29 Mbuya, Kampala. The organization was founded to provide aid to needy people in the surrounding community and to help them overcome the cycle of poverty. Caring Hands pursues this through training and leading needy people to get involved in income generating activities such as making jewelry from recycled paper and selling them in local and international markets.